• Working 12+ hours a day in your business doesn't have to be your reality anymore.

  • Letting people walk all over you is no longer a way that you need to run your business. 

  • And working without INTENTION and PURPOSE? Will no longer run you into the ground. 

Not on my watch. 

So, I've created an exclusive group program just for you...one that will put a minimum of 2 HOURS back EACH day.

I know what it’s like and have helped clients with all of these and more. That’s why I created this course for you. 


You can have a full schedule but that doesn't mean you have to. Especially without kids. What would you do with an extra 2 hours each day?


Learn how other child-free and empty nester business owners gain back 2 hours each day to start living life on your terms to earn more money and freedom to do whatever the hell you want.


Foundational Planning is the DIY course that lays the foundation to help you make happen whatever "it" is you want to do in your business and life.

You can do it in as little as 30 minutes a day! You've got this!

By the end of this course you’ll:

  • Have clarity and self-awareness to confidently know what you want and why for the next 12 weeks
  • Gain knowledge on where your time and energy goes and why
  • A schedule that works FOR you, not against you
  • Flexibility with structure to meet deadlines and still have fun

Congratulations! You’re building your business and have a lot of amazing things going on in your life! Your clients appreciate all you do for them.

You love seeing the transformation your clients and customers go through while working together. You’re proud of what you accomplish together. But, what about you?


  • What about structure with flexibility the more you grow

  • Are you making time to stay visible and build relationships

  • How's your self-care and time to yourself?

  • When was the last time you took a spontaneous trip, did that hobby you love, or slept in?

The problem being child-free or an empty nester,

  • You feel like you should have more strict boundaries around taking time off and disconnecting from work.

  • Life without kids means so much more time and fewer responsibilities, so it’s easy to fill your time with working (or thinking about work!) instead of having those boundaries and truly enjoying taking time off.

You have no time to pursue the lifestyle you want or dream about.

You started this business to: 

  • Have time and financial freedom
  • Increase your income
  • Get more sleep
  • Work less
  • Pursue your hobbies 
  • Travel more
  • Do what you want when you want 
  • Change the lives of humans and animals
  • More time with family
  • Do more than just the 9-5 grind

So why aren’t you doing more of it?


This is what I thought 5 years ago.

That’s when I had my ah-ha moment!

It wasn’t until I realized that I didn’t have to hustle, I needed the foundation to time management to make it work, and that I could start small and learn as I go, that things began to fall into place for me.

It wasn’t until I realized that I didn’t have to hustle, there was more to time management to make it work, and that I could start small and learn as I go, that things began to fall into place for me.

I started with 2 extra hours each week. 

  • It boosted my confidence and rekindled my passion for life. It’s been easier to “stay in my lane” because I’m focused on what works for me instead of what everyone else is doing.

  • After leaving an abusive relationship and my mom's passing, I realized I get to live everyday and wanted to experience the life I wanted

  • Stopped taking so many calls each week so I created this course and 1:1 VIP Days to free up my time

  • Increased my prices and added a couple income streams that were fun and still made sense with my brand

  • Added a lot of flexibility in my schedule to manage the ebbs and flow of life

  • Allowed space for self-care, spontaneity and creativity

I'm recovering from procrastination and perfection. I had fewer business tasks because I knew what I needed to focus on each day as a business owner and clients were also gaining success from it.

That's where my Make it Happen Method came from.

Who it's FOR

  • Unconventional business owners - Coaches, Consultants, and service-based businesses
  • Child-free who wants to fully embrace their lifestyle
  • Empty nester who is ready to refocus back on yourself
  • In a good mental
  • Action-taker ready to put in the work

Who it's NOT for

  • Not going to put in the effort
  • Won’t make time
  • Have children living at home
  • Currently in a severe emotional or medical situation (please focus on you first)

Using my Make it Happen Method you'll:

  • Find at least 7+ extra hours each week for more naps, spontaneous traveling, meeting up with a friend or family
  • More self-awareness around who you are and what you want in this point in your life
  • Gain clarity on where your time and energy goes throughout the day to 
  • Ideas to start simplifying and automating your life and business (even before outsourcing)
  • How to start implementing more of what you love into your lifestyle NOW, not years from now.

The course includes:

5 trainings to build the foundation:

  1. Clarity on what you want and why, and dream bigger
  2. Access your time, energy, and self-awareness to know where you can gain more time and where you're wasting it
  3. Simplify what works, and say f*** it to what doesn't work for you
  4. Plan with purpose now that you know what your priorities are
  5. Tips to Take Action by implementing everything you now know

Tools and worksheets that helps you implement

Join Foundational Planning TODAY and get all this:

  • Part 1: Reconnect (value $297)
  • Part 2: Time/Energy Clarity (value $75)
  • Part 3: Intro to how to make time to earn more money without working more hours (value $57)
  • BONUS: 30-min kick start call (value $99)

Total Value ($528)

BUY TODAY for only: $97 

What is it costing you NOT putting your time, energy, and lifestyle first?

X Missed time with loved ones

X Not staying visible for consistency = less income, and people who need your services or products can't find you

X Missing connections and opportunities without making new connections

X Not giving your clients the support they need because you're not organized

X Life passing you by = just existing instead of living or regret not trying

X No clear plan for your future = staying stuck

Join Foundational Planning TODAY and get all this:

  • Part 1: Reconnect (value $297)
  • Part 2: Time/Energy Clarity (value $75)
  • Part 3: Intro to how to make time to earn more money without working more hours (value $57)
  • BONUS: 30-min kick start call (value $99)

Total Value ($528)

BUY TODAY for only: $97 


Q. How is this course different from other productivity courses?

A. No other course is geared towards a no-kid lifestyle. I want to fill that gap for you. Also, no one else lays the foundation for being productive and I want you to be set up for your version of success.

Q. How much time will this course take?

A. You can do this course in as little as 30 minutes a day.

Q. What's the difference between your programs?

A. Foundational Planning is the DIY course to laying the foundation of success. This is the first step in my service suite.

I offer three levels of VIP Days: 1:1 half Day, 1:1 full day, and team VIP Days. Depending what you or your teams needs are. This is a high touch, done-with-you, personalized day to get a lot done.

The Purposeful Planning Group Program is a 12 week deep dive of this course for a limited amount of clients (only 10). for more customization, co-working, hot seat opportunities, and more! (coming early 2024)

The Make it Happen Membership (coming 2024) will be a monthly membership for those who have already worked together and want to continue the accountability, community, and still ask me questions, but is more hands off.

Q. Which program is right for me?

A. Let's hop on a call for your free Consult to see how I can support you best. https://tidycal.com/ssb/consult